Redevelopment in critical perspective: political economy and decision-making
Jun 2, 2008

Mentor Isaac Martin leads Ted Faturos, Amanda Lazerus, Steven Mateer, Robin Teager, and Midori Wong to present their...

Education policy, culture and social justice
Jun 2, 2008

Mentored by Cecil Lytle students Emily Lipoma, Kevin Mann, Rowena Ramos and Yolanda Richards present their work on...

Alternative technologies and green innovation in theory and practice
Jun 2, 2008

Mentored by Ned Daughtery Bussell leads Jennifer Arizala, Verlin Frazier Jr., and Erin Hicks present their work on...

Tribes and new institutional means of participation in regional planning and...
Jun 2, 2008

Mentored by Jane Clough-Riquelme students Cory Keen, Kristy McCarthy and Polonia Majas present their work on "Tribes...

Participatory methods and civic engagement in community-based development
Jun 2, 2008

Mentored by Mirle Rabinowitz Bussell students Danielle Goldman, Serena Ip, Adelina Tancioco, Rebecca Reyes and Robert...

River and watershed-based environmental planning
Jun 2, 2008

Mentored by John Robertus students Adam Krohn, Preston Lam, Kevin Lau, and Josh Menvielle present "River and...

Designing Urban Parks for Civic Vitality and Sustainability
Jun 2, 2008

Mentored by Judy Tjiong students Mark Arroyo, Dave Eng, Mayra Medel, and Chris Wong present "Designing Urban Parks...