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San Diego Pharmacist Resource/Research Network (SDPharmNet)

SDPharmNet Description: San Diego Pharmacist Resource and Research Network is a practice-based research network in San Diego,California. Pharmacist members engage in practice and research projects that seek to identify and solve problems commonly encountered in their practices. The UCSD Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences provides methodological expertise needed to complete the projects. Mission: The mission of the network is to provide pharmacists with information and practice tools to improve quality and safety of medication use through collaborative, practice-based research. Resources: Resources available to members include best practices for medication therapy management generated from research projects, research training, and assistance with collaborative practice and quality improvements. Research: Network members collaborate with academic researchers to address challenges in practice. The projects are designed to maximize the gathering of data and to avoid disruption of patient services. Research results are disseminated to participating pharmacists as rapidly as possible.Our goal is to generate new knowledge through research and translate research into practice. Membership Benefits: • Propose and participate in practice-based research • Network and collaborate with other pharmacists and researchers • Receive information updates from research projects about best practices of medication therapy management, collaborative practice, and quality improvement • Opportunities for research training • Increase quality and safety of medication use provided to patients Contact Information: Grace M. Kuo, PharmD, MPH, PhD SDPharmNet Network Director UCSD Associate Professor of Clinical Pharmacy UCSD SSPPS Associate Dean for Academic Clinical Affairs UCSD Associate Adjunct Professor of Family & Preventive Medicine 9500 Gilman Drive, MC 0748 La Jolla, CA 92093-0748 Phone (858) 822-7754 Fax (858) 822-3975 Website: htpp://

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