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So i thought I would start a discussion on what Bourne proposed as our final for this class. I personally like the idea. I know some people don't like the idea of video taping themselves for 10 minutes but it's probably not exactly what you think. Here is a link to an example that I found on the scivee site and I'm assuming it should be something like this (and correct me if I'm wrong Bourne).

As you can see if you skip forward a little its mainly an audio recording. The only part that you actually see the guy is at the beginning of the presentation when he says his name and the paper and everything. The rest is just the PowerPoint slides over his face so you only here him not see him.

So for those of you who are worried that it will be you sitting there the entire 10 minutes trying not to pick your nose or something than don't worry. The PowerPoint will be over your face so you can pick away!!! For that reason and others I actually like this idea of a final and support it.

(sorry for any typos or spelling errors)

Shawn Yost


As you suggest you do not have to be seen at all - it could be purely audio with Powerpoint overlay - and as a reminder this will not be posted publicly - but you will be able to see/hear each other. /PB