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Chemistry Demos

The Chemistry Demo community is a place for chemistry students and teachers to deposit and view videos of their favorite chemistry demonstrations. The purpose of this community is three fold:
  1. Provide a forum for students and teachers to exchange their favorite and most enlightening demonstrations
  2. Reduce the time, expense, danger, environmental impact of performing particularly difficult demonstrations live
  3. Help teachers and students perform live demonstrations through detailed step-by-step video instructions
To meet these objectives, please try to maintain the following standards:
  • Keep the demonstrations concise. Try to limit the video runtime to the class time you would dedicate to this demo.
  • Include practical information. Annotate the videos with relevant hazards, materials, disposal, references, and hints that a teacher would need to reproduce your demo safely and efficiently. If a demo is not appropriate for a classroom setting (like igniting a kg of thermite on the hood of a car), please include appropriate warnings.
  • Teach some chemistry. Include specific learning objectives for your demo including if possible specific standards addressed so that teachers can easily find demos that are relevant and enlightening. However, let's not burden this forum with lengthy scientific explanations. Better to cite useful references where one can learn more.

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