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Consorzio COMETA

Il "Consorzio COMETA" is a No-Profit Institution operating since 2005 and based in Catania. Charter members are: (segue elenco). The institutional tasks of the COMETA Consortium encompass: a) promote both theoretical and experimental research activities to promote and develop new infrastructures for High Performance Computing, new systems for heavy data management and multimedia simulations; b) Foster the development and widespread diffusion of the new "Grid paradigm"; c) Accept research tasks from Private or Public Institutions; d) Promote high-rank training activities. Since 2006, January 1st, the COMETA Consortium started the "Progetto per l'Implementazione e lo Sviluppo di una e-Infrastruttura in Sicilia basata sul paradigma della Grid" (PI2S2, founded as a part of the Programma Operativo Nazionale (PON) 2000-2006 (Avviso n.1575) of the Italian Minister for University and Research. PI2S2 tasks are: 1) Create a Virtual Laboratory in Sicily for both academic and industrial applications, based on a Grid infrastructure; 2) Connect the Sicilian e-infrastructure to the European and overseas Grids in order to foster scientific cooperation and enhance the competitiveness of the Sicilian e-Science and e-Industry; 3) Disseminate the "Grid Paradigm" by dedicated events and training courses; 4) Favorite spin-offs in the field of Information and Communication Technology in order to reduce the "brain drain" towards other Italian regions and abroad. COMETA infrastructure is distributed over 7 sites (located at Catania, Messina and Palermo) where high-performance computing clusters are connected by fast net links. Currently more than 200 CPUs and 250 TB (1 TeraByte=1 million MegaBytes) of data storage capacity are available.

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