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We need to discuss the growing paradigm of energy drinks. There are four concerns in this area: enregy drinks, your heart, caffine, and natural alternative cures for physical and mental burnout. We will be using the database provided by our SOH library. Everyone will choose a topic and post their findings in in this discussion.



The article is about how energy drinks affect young people and their behavior change when energy drinks are over consume.It also talks about how teenagers are consuming energy drink combine with alcohol and what are the health problems that this lead to. Drinking energy drinks as a regular diet can cause you profuse sweating ewwwwww:| are make you an a sexual abuser:S


farmers and scientists are trying to grow a coffee bean that is naturally low in caffeine.

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The article talkes about how Caffeine works in a similar way as drugs like heroin and cacaine but in a gentle way. SO it affects the fine control needed to keep your brain running smoothly.

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Cardiologists report that heart disease begins in childhood and so must prevention efforts.

"There is now quite a large body of evidence documenting pathologic and physiologic changes when hypertension, high cholesterol, and diabetes are present in childhood," says Dr. Rae-Ellen Kavey, head of the cardiology department at Children's Memorial Hospital in Chicago. "Because the process of heart disease begins in childhood, prevention should hold the most promise when it is initiated in children."

Dr. Kavey and her colleagues at the American Heart Association recently published a set of prevention guidelines for pediatricians. They recommend three health goals to help kids combat heart disease:

An overall healthy eating pattern, appropriate body weight, and desirable lipid profile and blood pressure.

No new initiation of cigarette smoking, no exposure to environmental tobacco smoke, and complete cessation for children and parents who smoke.

Be physically active every day and reduce sedentary time to two hours per day at most.


Energy drinks are also used as mixers with alcohol. This combination carries a number of dangers:

Since energy drinks are stimulants and alcohol is a depressant, the combination of effects may be dangerous. The stimulant effects can mask how intoxicated you are and prevent you from realizing how much alcohol you have consumed. Fatigue is one of the ways the body normally tells someone that they've had enough to drink. The stimulant effect can give the person the impression they aren't impaired. No matter how alert you feel, your blood alcohol concentration is the same as it would be without the energy drink. Once the stimulant effect wears off, the depressant effects of the alcohol will remain and could cause vomiting in your sleep or respiratory depression. Both energy drinks and alcohol are very dehydrating (the caffeine in energy drinks is a diuretic). Dehydration can hinder your body's ability to metabolize alcohol and will increase the toxicity, and therefore the hangover, the next day.

Guaraná is reputed to be a stimulant and increase mental alertness, fight fatigue, and increase stamina and physical endurance.

Ginseng is known as an adaptogen, which means it increases resistance to physical, chemical, and biological stress and builds energy and general vitality.


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For healthy adults this may not be a problem. But, for those with heart disease, or if too much is consumed, it could be dangerous. According to James Kalus, who led the study, "Individuals with high blood pressure and heart disease should be advised to avoid these drinks."

Most consumers don't realize that the "boost" they're getting is from the high levels of caffeine and sugar these drinks contain. For instance, a 8.3-ounce popular energy drink has 280 milligrams of caffeine.


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FRS' patented formula combines antioxidants, like quercetin and green tea catechins, with essential vitamins and metabolic enhancers to provide a sustained, healthy energy boost and long-term antioxidant health protection.

Getting adequate amounts of beneficial antioxidants is important to help maintain good health. A DARPA-funded clinical study conducted by Appalachian State University demonstrated that quercetin, one of the key active ingredients in FRS, reduced susceptibility to viral illness and helped maintain mental performance in physically stressed individuals.


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Caffeine is a stimulant that is found in many natural drinks, including coffee and many kinds of tea. It's also added to many soft drinks, including colas. In recent years, however, caffeine has been appearing in many soft drinks and energy drinks aimed at young people. In the amounts found in coffee and most soft drinks, caffeine tends to act as a stimulant; it can also increase heart rate and blood pressure, but those effects are usually mild and tend not to pose serious risks. However, when caffeine is consumed in very large amounts, the effects can be harmful.