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I have attached a word doc and pasted below some ideas we came up with today.

Project Ideas

- Extensions to current protocols in the GFP and Protein purification lab

- Infecting bacterial cells with virus and looking at different factors that effect uptake of GFP

- Sorting Genes that are anti-biotic resistance based on transformation

- Determining which genes confer anti-biotic resistance to bacterial cells

- We will refine our ideas more when we work with the Science teacher


- Share his research and how he might prevent HIV infection and how this research is similar to what happens in his lab

- Provide a timeline or historical overview of related science.


- Creating diagrams or illustrations showing what is happening on the cellular level

- Create animations showing the interaction of proteins in cells

- Show / illustrate how a FACS machine works

- Create vids documenting the process or showing the end result.

- A video game showing cellular growth or process

Authentic Audience

- SIA website

- San Diego Science Festival

- Present at the school science fair

- Create an academy presentation event

- Share with HSP students maybe a Peer review

- Set up at an AIDS walk or similar event

Discipline Integration

- Probability and statistics with the DNA

- Conversion of units of measure

- Geometric structure of viruses

- Describe / write about how these viruses affect humans

- Write (functional writing) describing the scientific process used in the project

- Embedding literary elements using a fictional novel about HIV (or disease)

Attachment: Project Ideas.doc (21.00 KB)
Always download from people you trust and scan the downloaded file with your antivirus.

RNA interference (RNAi) and protein knockouts are also current, relevant and interesting to students. Kelly, an undergrad at UCSD, is currently working on a protocol developed by Lindsay: RNAi in C. elegans in promoting a DPY-10 phenotype. Her goal is to make it available through the Biobridge network. Just a thought! DK