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San Ysidro High School, CyberBridge community in association with SDSU and UCSD. We are currently working on an interdisciplinary teaching and learning project with Marie Roch a scientist in the field of computer science specializing in Marine Mammal Acoustics.

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Sep 9, 2008 PodCast Storyboard
Use this storyboard document to script your podcast.
Jul 14, 2008 1st week ideas
I plan on introducing the CyberBridge project to my students at the beginning of next week. Like Randy, I plan on delivering a PPT about the topic...
Jul 14, 2008 1st week idea
I plan to introduce the Cyberbridge theme to all 3 of my AP Gov. classes. I will present a power point at the end of the week illustrating the our...
Jul 12, 2008 First Week Ideas
For the marine biology class, I plan on having students think about the global effects of marine life by analyzing diagrams, flow charts, and...
Jun 26, 2008 Cruise Cruise Baby

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