CYBERBRIDGE -- Discussions Cyberbridge is a collaborative project between University of California San Diego (UCSD), San Diego State University's (SDSU) Computational Science Research Center (CSRC) and Sweetwater Union High School District and funded by a National Science Foundation I-TEST grant. Each year, multi-disciplinary teams of high school teachers will engage their students in Informational Technology and Cyberinfrastructure by working together with a researcher from the CSRC to create products (videos, podcasts, etc) that communicate current research efforts. These student products will be posted to SciVee and exhibited at the San Diego Science Festival. Re: Future of Science and Technology in Education It is by no means unusual to see women shuttling among jewelry stores where various sweetie bracelet have great attraction to them. links of london sweetie bracelets So the jewels with moderate prices and graceful arc lines are fit well for them. 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I would have liked to see them focus more on the assessment part, how does she assess the students? specifically, how does she assess the individuals in the groups? i find that it is easy to see with group projects that at least one of the students understood the math involved, but harder to see if all students understood the math involved. I like how she had real world context and used the 2d and 3d models of the schools. this is very similar to a project that i do (where they design houses) but taken far beyond, way to the next level. Gave me some good ideas. Jul 17, 2009 Re: Friday - Week 1 Individual reflection What technology do you feel comfortable teaching to your students (i.e. Email, word processing, computer programming, advanced graphics editing)? Prior to Cyberbridge I incoporated technology in my classroom is several different ways. In my history classes, I use power point presentations, embed vidoes in the presentations, use a document camera, Discovery Edand google earth. In journalis, Adobe In Design, Taylor Publisihings On line yearbook layout program, digital cameras, uploading and downloading pics to the computer and the yearbook site, computer graphics for the cover etc. I think that specifically for my Journalism students they are learning real life skills that they will be able to use in the work force. In history it gives them the opportunity to see primary source movies of historical people, places and things that I would not have had access to other wise. This leads to more discussion about whatever topic we are learning. They really get excite about seeing new technology in the class. When we got our document camera some of the kids helped to set it up, and everyone got the chance to put the work they were most proud of under the camera and display it for the class. It also helps me show my students my thought processes for example writing a paragraph. I would like to learn more about video editing and managing a website. Jun 27, 2009 Re: Tuesday Week 2 - Individual Reflection I wrote a message and then lost it in the cyber world! I'll try again. I think we have a great team and a lot of resources at school. To me, the key to a successful project is manageability. Can you really do what is promised? Not do you want to, but can you. That is why it is essential that it is authentically part of your course and your responsibilities at school. It requires a team that you trust and that you can share honestly with about issues. I want to think and then create a back map with small goals that need to be accomplished in order to fulfill our large goal. We need to be sure that we have the backing of the school to undertake this project. We need to identify resources and reach out to them. We have to keep commitments to our fellow teachers and to our students. We have to keep our standards high but realistic. If a PBL is really student run, it may not meet our “perfect” self-standards but students may have learned a tremendous amount and will be motivated to continue working. We have to always remember that this is about students learning and about learning ourselves. Everyone in the group must be willing to be life-long learners, to make mistakes and learn from them. I hope I am the poster child for that experience. A team can always help each other to get through every ones ups and downs. Jun 26, 2009 Re: Thursday Week 2 Group Reflection Our common assessment partway through the project will be presentations. Students will do presentations in each class. Some of these will contain material from other classes. Each discipline will do a multi-media presentation. See Rubric --attached Students will be graded individually and by group. Students will grade each other, grade themselves and be graded by the teacher using the same rubric. We will not be able to use this as one project across disciplines, because we do not share students. Some students will be able to use science content in their math presentation or make a presentation in journalism that involves all of their courses. The collaborative work of putting together and delivering a presentaion incorporates all of our habits of mind. Students must work together, problem solve, be diligent, be flexible, compromise and stick to a schedule to produce a product on time. These will be part of the grade that they give themselves and classmates. Jun 25, 2009 Re: Wednesday, Week 2 Individual Reflection How are you going to stay motivated to keep your project on track and your group working collaboratively? The best thing to do is to keep a time line and adhere to it. If I am having a difficulty with anything I will ask for help. We will have continuous meetings in which we are able to keep abreast on the project. I will seek for positive encouragement from my team members. Jun 25, 2009 Re: Monday - Week 2 - Individual Reflection I am really excited about the project Darci came up with. My daughter and I volunteered with San Diego Bay Keeper and clean water is something I'm interested in. Although I won't be responsible for most of the experimentation, it's a topic I feel I can discuss with my students that I have some knowledge about. When the students analyze the data in my class, I can incorporate my passion for the subject as well as looking at the data they collect. The only thing I'm still nervous about is whether I'll do the topic justice in my class. I'll have to review using the calculator to input data into a table and then having the calculator draw the line of best fit. I know I have the instructions in my classroom so it's just a matter of reviewing it. My main concern is that I may have all of Darci's students or none. I believe this is the main reason interdisciplinary projects have been so difficult to implement at the high school level. Jun 23, 2009 Inquiry Readings Hey guys, I have attached a reading that is near and dear..which school do you work in? Also, check out for some completed integrated units based on themes.. Dave Jun 22, 2009 Re: Thursday --Week 1 Reflection My reflection on Thursday takes me to questions and ideas as well. For one I had the opportunity to go to the “Cave” at UCSD and experience science in 3D. What a great way to see science and get students interested in science. Along those lines I kept thinking of what would be the project that our school would embark on. Jun 19, 2009 Meeting You All Hi: It was nice meeting you all this morning. I attach the slides I presented as part of this message. There is also an introduction to SciVee at I will be back to you with some answers to the issues that were raised today. Phil Jun 18, 2009 Bingo Template Here is the electronic copy of the bingo sheet we used for the warmup on tuesday. enjoy! Jun 18, 2009 Check out and join the community for 2009 Science Festival Check out and join the community for 2009 Science Festival: Jan 22, 2009 Getting ready for school! Hey everyone, SOH here! Our team has gotten together on several occasions to discuss what we our project to look like when we head out to the science fair which gave us a clear goal on what we want our students to achieve and create. We are going to do a few documentaries to bring it home to our community, math is going to focus on probabilties/t-tests/chi-squared (cross fingers), English focusing on the history and biography of famous cardiologists and the book "Stiff", and science of course getting our students right into cardiology. I have posted some thoughts on the SOH site on how our first and second Fridays could go in regards to introductions, surveys and getting our students signed up on SciVee. On a more personal note I have scheduled to how the Computer on Wheels in my classroom every other Friday to specific online use, research, and spreadsheet work. I have decided to incorporate all 5 of my classes in the project! ahhh! So Intermediate Algebra, Finite Math, and Math Analysis will all have a hand in what is going on. This will give my classes to interact within the discipline to help each other with their expertise. Pray for me. hahaha Hope everyone is doing well with their projects and we will continue to keep you updated. - CyberRaiders Aug 28, 2008 Re: SciVee support for CyberBridge groups Hi Mr. Pearson, Thank you so much for your feedback on everything. I will do my best to get back toyou on all these matters. 1) Thank you for mentioning this. It appears that the teasers for blogs appeared. Blog entries that have permission restrictions in the lists linked to the more button in the home page are now excluded. 2) There are privacy settings on that video that inhibit it from appearing on the browse page. The browse page and recent videos do not show private videos currently, that will change in the new version of the site. 3) While the .swf format can be uploaded as an attachment, they are not yet embeddable into the website pages as a video player. If you have slide shows and any other animations that you want to upload, I recommend exporting them using the .flv or .mov format settings in Flash. Interactive flash multimedia has not yet been included into the mix of different medias offered in a player on SciVee, but .swfs can be uploaded as an attachment. Apryl Jul 30, 2008