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Hey Guys,

Here we are, Virginia and I on Saturday August 15th, with 10 of our students starting our Molecular Gastronomy project. Right now the students are doing research online on food labels. They are researching foods they and their peers consume on a daily basis, evaluating the nutrients, creating posters, and presentations. Next week during our study break time, they are going to present to classes around the campus about what they have learned about nutrition. It is fun to see them discovering what ingredients are in their food!

Our next event is open house (August 27th) and the students will make presentations to our families and community at large. They will be coming after school to make fliers and posters. One of our goals is to have one nutritional facts poster in EVERY classroom on campus.

Some of our students have already started reading "The Jungle" by Upton Sinclair. Unfortunately, our English teacher Cuahtemoc Ortiz is no longer with the project. Therefore, Virginia Stretcher will include the literature and writing component in her US History classes.

Good news! Next Saturday meeting September 12th involves our culinary arts teacher, Mrs. Meza. She will be presenting healthy menus and the students will be able to cook. Students are very excited about this opportunity.

We will be posting some pictures in the next couple of days. Stay tuned.

Sofia & Virginia