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In my life there are always too many things to do. Barring anything drastic(like illness which would override all things) this is the year I will just be “OK” with delegating some things in my personal life, like not being in charge of Thanksgiving for my entire family ( I am Martha Stewart sans felonies) and paring down some of my community service and church obligations.

I think the thing that keeps me very motivated is planning well and making sure everything is calendared in advance so I can just say “No” when new responsibilities arise. I did learn this week that time is helical and once two people depart from the same location respective time changes. Regardless, I still can not be in two places at once.This project has to be a priority through fruition.

"Happy Hour" is one of my/our strategies—our team needs to take the time to relax and release tension.

Meeting every week with my team and every six weeks with our scientist(in person or Skype) will help me keep going.

Laughter-- especially if things go pear-shaped; sharing what students say and do that shows their progress, and showcasing our project at every feasible opportunity(parent meetings, curriculum meetings, student-led conferences, etc.) these will help keep me going.

One thing that really motivates me is being able to be part of both an innovative team and project. I love initiating and being part of change and will rely on the strength of my team mates to wrap things up well since endings are always more difficult for me: when things are fun I just don't want them to end!


The kids are going to be so excited about the project, they won't let us give up! Not only are the students going to keep me motivated, but I work with students who also have very involved parents. Once the parents are excited about the project, I won't really have a choice but to finish it!

I am really seeing this project as an opportunity to keep my content fresh. I have been teaching the same science for three years and I think this project is a perfect opportunity to keep things interesting, and that is going to be my primary motivation for keeping this project going. I am trying to do a lot of work on the curriculum aspect of planning to incorporate the Oceanography into my plans NOW, so that I don't have a million things to do in November.

Our group works very well together and I think we will help keep each other motivated to stick it out and finish the project... and that three week break for winter won't hurt either!


Imagine it is November and you have a million things to do. How are you going to stay motivated to keep your project on track and your group working collaboratively? Include multiple strategies.

I will visit the classrooms of my colleagues to find out what they are doing. Since my class, Science, Technology & Research (STAR) was created specifically for the Science Innovation Academy, I will be looking to the content of the BioTech, Math and English classes to drive the projects in the STAR class. I believe that face to face contact to be very important when collaborating.

Finding new technology challenges always keeps me motivated, and I will challenge the CyberBridge students to in that way as well.

I think January may actually be a more challenging month for us. That is when coaching responsibilities for three of us may overwhelm us for a time. Also, I will be adjusting to a new schedule of classes in my masters program... I hope to have in place several other strategies we hope to use by then to collaborate. Specifically, First Class and a CPH CyberBridge Conference, class websites for each of us, and class calendars so we can see what is going on in each others classes.

I think have specific goals of what we want to accomplish will help keep us motivated as well. I believe we have established several good ones already.


Imagine it is November and you have a million things to do. How are you going to stay motivated to keep your project on track and your group working collaboratively? Include multiple strategies.

We have an advantage over some of the other teams in that we have already worked together prior to this project. I am sure we will encounter some obstacles to staying motivated. Our number one strategy is going to be to meet regularly and support each other when we are feeling overwhelmed. In addition, My team has nominated me to be the "task master" because I need to have a schedule and keep things moving in order to function. So I will help keep things moving.


Well I think it is important for every work group to have a taskmaster. That would not be a good job for me as I am the least organized person in our group. Laurie just volunteered. As far as personal motivation I think that comes from commitment to the project. I am extremely committed to this program. I was maxed out on educational units the day I started teaching so I am not giving up two weeks of my precious summer for anything other than a belief in this project. Lastly, I am spendng some time this week actually finding labs that tie to the project so when November comes I will hopefully be not as overwhelmed. I don't know... it all sounds good now...


Regarding English, my project (the cumulative sci-fi movie and documentary) begins in April-May. So in November, my focus will be on supporting my Science and Math partners. I'll be seeing what kind of writing is being done, and how I can include and support writing in my classroom. I have only a few projects that are related, so at this point, I don't feel overwhelmed or over-burdened. I feel like the few projects I'm implementing can be easily worked into my curriculum. Throughout the year though, I need to figure out how to incorporate more technology into my classroom to prepare students for their final project.


I think that it is cyberbridge that will help keep me and the students excited when we get the the november lull in motivation. i think out project is fun and engaging enough that we will want to keep working on the project. Also, the project can be the break from the routine that is needed around that time of year.

Additionally, there are a lot of things that i am learning with cyberbridge, which i enjoy, so i think that will keep me going. Lastly, i think that with us aiming for april as an exhibition will keep up moving at this time, because nothing motivates people like a looming deadline.


Remaining motivated is going to have to depend on me. If I want the program to work, I'll simply have to implement it to the best of my ability whether or not other people on the team are working toward the same goal. Ideally, though, it would be really nice to be able to count on one another on the team. Ultimately, knowing that this all is in the best interest of our students, I believe, will help keep me focused and motivated. Maintaining contact and communication with eachother will be key. That paired with keeping the same end in mind will help a lot, too.


How are you going to stay motivated to keep your project on track and your group working collaboratively? The best thing to do is to keep a time line and adhere to it. If I am having a difficulty with anything I will ask for help. We will have continuous meetings in which we are able to keep abreast on the project. I will seek for positive encouragement from my team members.