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Wow...I loved reading the things you are excited about. I can't wait to visit your classes this year!

As you know, these two weeks are only the very beginning. Our goal is to expose you to lots of new ideas about science, technology, project-based instruction and then to set you loose to do amazing things at your school sites. As I watch the planning, I am reminded that group dynamics play a huge role. We heard today about a group that started strong, but fizzled out. Just as we need to support the students as they learn to work collaboratively, we also need to analyze our own contributions and necessary compromises as team members. To that end.... What process contributions do you bring to your group? In what ways will you keep supporting your group dynamics throughout the year? What makes you a superb teammate? Feel free to brag! (This is about group dynamics, NOT your content/discipline).

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What process contributions do you bring to your group?

I am a person that if given a task while working on a project will look for any way possible to get it done. Persistence is one of my virtues. The good thing with English is that one is able to turn any project into something that one can write about. I am also open minded and will do my best to stay positive at all times. I am ready to listen and then contribute if asked to.

In what ways will you keep supporting your group dynamics throughout the year?

All throughout the year I will dedicate my time and make sure that the students are doing the assignments that will lead to the completion of the projects. I think that it is important to stay focus and when in need of help to ask. I think that I will need help with the technology portion of the project ( I do not have the technological equipment).

What makes you a superb teammate?

I am straight forward and will tell my team mates things as they are.

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I think that one of the challenges of these types of endeavors is that you see the big picture, there is a lot to do, and i can be very overwhelming. I am not the type of person who is easily overwhelmed, and i think this is a positive contribution to a group effort. I see a large task as a series of small tasks, so start with one and then another and see where you end up. I find that this is a good approach to this profession of teaching, a job where you are never actually done. You stop working for the day, but that doesn't mean that you are done because there is always more work to do.

I also try to keep the mood light in the group. To remember that this is not the most important thing in the world and that life as we know it won't end if we miss a cyberbridge deadline. Do the best we can, try to do what is right for our students, and the project may not be perfect the first time, but it will definitely benefit our students just going through it. I also like to think of this project and a long term project, and not just a one year thing (especially in our situation with the academy). We will do what we can this year, and then next year we will make it better.


What process contributions do you bring to your group?

As the science teacher, I feel like it's my role to bridge the gap between the academic science (or the work of the scientist) and the essential science that each of the other team members must know in order to help the project succeed. Not every team member needs to know all the nitty-gritty details, but a basic knowledge is crucial.

In what ways will you keep supporting your group dynamics throughout the year?

I will have a resource period each day in order to implement our SIA grant, and I know that CyberBridge will fall under that umbrella. Realistically, I will probably have the most time to be sure we have an agenda for each meeting. Also, I see myself as the most likely liaison between Roland and our team. It is hard not to be so excited when our group sits and brainstorms...there are so many directions to take the project in. Hopefully, we can maintain that sense of excitement by continuing to discuss new ideas and ways to keep the project fresh.

What makes you a superb teammate?

Organization and structure is something that I bring to the group...I thrive in these circumstances :)


The most important way in which I feel I can contribute to our team is that I work well with others. It's funny, English teachers have a reputation for stepping in and taking over (it is said that they like to hear the sounds of their own voices). In this situation - being completely out of my element - I have to sit back and do a lot more observing than talking, and it helps. Being that I work so well with others, even if I don't completely get something, I'm going to do whatever it takes to complete my task so that I do right by my team. I'm not turned off by things that aren't familiar to me, so that really helps in getting things accomplished.


Its funny how this reflection falls in a day that I feel my group has made the most progress. I truly believe we are beginning to see the clarity of what it means to be part of a project based learning activity. Today I took it upon myself to take the role of a manager/coordinator, making sure everyone stayed on focus, informing my group members what needed to be done, and assigning them tasks. I totally pulled out the whip!--which for me is hard to do because I don't want to be perceived as the manipulative one of the group. It wasn't until yesterday that I finally realized that our group had built that comfort level with each other to be direct without being rude. If needed, I will continue to do the same during the school year--help everyone remain focused on their tasks, make sure benchmark tasks are met, help everyone see the big picture of the project.


One of my contributions that I bring to the group is the technology aspect. I have been taking charge on the presentation portion and the designing part of the project. I also have voiced my flexibility that I have with my curriculum so anything we do is technology and the subject matter of the multimedia projects and products can all be geared toward science and/or math and our team project as a whole.

I am also a planner and an organizer so I will help keep us on track with timelines and deadlines. I have been called “bossy” for most of my life but I will make sure to always be “bossy” in a sweet, patient kind of way, if that makes sense.

I think I am a superb teammate because I am very patient, flexible, great with using and teaching technology, open to everyone’s ideas, and willing to do whatever needs to be done. I think I bring at times fun and innovative ideas to my team, but I am always willing to listen to others and their ideas, etc.


What process contributions do you bring to your group? In what ways will you keep supporting your group dynamics throughout the year? What makes you a superb teammate?

As our group brainstormed ideas, we each have been contributing equally to the process of development and design. My group looked to me to come up with a driving question that would be attainable, relevant, engaging and as interdisciplinary as possible. After the theme was tentatively established, we placed priority on the things that we could do to contribute to the project and focused less on the obstacles that we would be facing throughout the year. Siena has used her expertise in multimedia in order to begin building the video and powerpoint presentation for Friday. Sandy and I have been contributing our ideas along with Siena to help her fill in the gaps of the presentation. Additionally, we have been exploring our content areas to find connections between our theme and our topic as well as interdisciplinary connections to identify common curriculum. When our potential challenges became the forefront of our conversation, we found a solution to mitigate the issue before it became a frustration. Throughout the school year, we all plan to keep an open mind and agreed to find ways to implement innovative ideas that relate to Cyberbridge within our curricular limits. Communication with each other and commitment to contribute will be key in continuing the dynamic that we have established during the summer institute.


What process contributions do you bring to your group? In what ways will you keep supporting your group dynamics throughout the year? What makes you a superb teammate?

I think, as whole, we are a superb team because we are all good listeners. Also, we decided at the beginning that our science teacher, Darci, would be the driving force and we were there to support her. Whatever direction she decides to take and whatever she says she needs from us, we will try to help create a project that will, hopefully, be exciting and full of learning for the students. Siena is so creative. Her contributions have been invaluable. We are excited about the presentation she is putting together. She volunteered to bring all our classes together in her class and be available to help students on her own time. I feel like my contributions have been small compared to theirs. I know I was supposed to brag about me, but I think what makes me a good teammate, is my appreciation and admiration for the contributions my teammates bring to the project.


What process contributions do you bring to your group? In what ways will you keep supporting your group dynamics throughout the year? What makes you a superb teammate?

I help to keep our team focused on the goal. We have tons of great ideas and it is easy to go off on a tangent. I am suseptible to this, but work to keep the team focused on getting our list of tasks checked off. I can support my team with time, problem solving help and good listening. We are all familiar with how groups break down and we are trying to address those problem before we get into the project work. I appreciate that I am in a group with grown ups. We will talk out problems and not get in a snit.

I am a superb teammate because:

* I value this project and the idea of project based learning.

* I am happy to host meetings/parties at my home.

* I own a truck.

* I really like my team, they are can do people.