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The most exciting curriculum I am excited about implementing for the project is the video production and post-production. I enjoy the video projects a lot in my classroom and there are so many great skills students learn while working on a group video project. The last video project that I did with my students worked out great and my students said the main things they learned besides how to film and edit was working as a team and having fun. I think this will happen again with this project. I can’t wait!

I think the most concerning aspect of the project is making sure my students are aware and confident of their knowledge of the content that they need to know in order to produce videos, brochures, etc. I need to really know and understand the project content so I can help my students learn and comprehend what they are working on from all disciplines (science, math and technology).


So far, the most exciting part of the project in terms of algebra is the idea that students will be able to map our school site, their city, or even larger pieces of land. In order to do this we can use mapquest and google earth and discuss how these softwares are developed and what kind of measurements are needed to make them functional. We could also discuss how accurate these measurements are. Also, discussing the logistics of longitude and latitude will be an interesting connection. I'm concerned, though, with the logistics of how the GPS system works from a science and engineering perspective. This fear, though, will be abated with more research and time with Fridolin.

I'm also excited about being able to use GPS to explore how students can be followed and tracked at any time. I know the students will be able to see the benefits and the deficits and debate both sides. Our students will be able to make educated decisions based on current technology and research that is controversial. Hopefully, they will be enthused to share this information with their family and friends.


As of today, what aspect of the curriculum project are you most excited about implementing? Explain. And, which aspect is most concerning to you? Explain.

As of today, I am most excited about the outreach programs and career exposures that we will be able to introduce our students to during the school year as related to our topic. We have identified several guest speakers, field trip opportunities and relevant, long-term research experiences that the students will be able to engage in at the start of the year and continue until we reach the time of exhibition. However, even though we can now envision a culminating project and the mini projects that can be implemented along the way, I am concerned that there will be too little funding to support the trips to community organizations and area resources that we could perhaps take advantage of. Without the community experiences, the project could still go forth by researching data that has been collected by places such as NOAA and SIO. However, this type of data collection is not nearly as interesting and engaging for the students. Additionally, this project has the potential to be extremely "big" and time-consuming. So, I hope that both mentors and students will be able to commit the time necessary in order to bring this culminating project to fruition. Overall, though, I am really excited to be able to implement this type of theme into the classroom to make Chemistry more exciting for the students and I am looking forward to overcoming any challenges that we may face along the way.

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I am most excited about implementing an interactive game, "Fact or Fiction". The player would be presented with a concept related to our project. They would have to choose Fact or Fiction. After their choice is registered, feedback, possibly in the form of a short vid, would be given. Correct answers could be tallied, and high scores tracked. I really enjoy creating interactive stuff using flash. Additionally, I think the implementation of a game could be very engaging.

Earlier, I would have said i was concerned that I did not really know or understand what I project would be. That is no longer the case though. We are planning on doing a project about viruses... looking at questions like: How do you prevent the spread of viruses?

I guess most concerning to me now is that I just don't feel like we have enough time this summer to get the planning done I would like to get done. Having an academy and a cohorted group of students I would like to spend time developing common strategies on a on of things, not just a CB project.


I am most excited about the enormous amount of options we have for implementing our project. I fully expect (and even hope) that once the idea of "How do we stop the spread of viruses?" is presented to our students, they will be excited and motivated to take the project in their own direction. Our students will have the capacity to increase knowledge and inform our school community and the community at large by studying viruses. By starting with viruses and viral infection as a whole, we can help students develop the vocabulary and background knowledge necessary to investigate specific viral diseases, modes/rates of transmission, etc.

One of the concerns I've had since the beginning is how to take this very serious topic of viruses and making some aspect of it somewhat lighthearted. I guess that I am very concerned about making the focus too "doom and gloom" for students to be interested in it. Our idea of perhaps a quiz game to uncover student misconceptions regarding viruses may help mitigate that. Also, my other concern is working on some type of wet lab that the biotech students will be able to implement. Working with human viruses is obviously out of the question, but perhaps working with bacteria will be an option.


As of today, what aspect of the curriculum project are you most excited about implementing? Explain. And, which aspect is most concerning to you? Explain.

I am excited about facilitating the science experiments and booths at community fairs . I am very optimistic that my curriculum will accommodate my learnings about muons, GPS, and Albert Einstein and his work and I will be able to address the new focus on rhetoric. The first semester we will use curriculum that teaches the essential skill of : annotation, summary, functional workplace documents, reference and citation of other’s work, and creating arguments based upon evidence. I see Cyberbridge work supporting acquisition of these skills.

The only concerns I have are that we have generated so many great ideas and projects that we need to really narrow the focus, backwards map, calendar dates, and pace and vary our student products so the learning is sequential.

Honestly, I can't wait to start pitching the project and beginning the projects with students.


There were so many things today that got our group excited about our project. Though I am excited about having my students collect real data, that will be used and they can follow it to fruition, I am really excited about the cloud chamber. This will happen later in the project, my students can make a cloud chamber. They will create an artificial cloud and then they will be able to see muons traveling through the cloud because they leave a vapor trail. How cool is that!

The part that concerns me is staying on track. I am sure that students will come up with ideas to make the project broader and broader. I have trouble stifling that flow and tend to add on and add on. We will need to keep the focus narrow. I am going to have the students consider HOW we would integrate new parts and look at how feasible it is. Theis should help keep our group on task.


I look forward to incorporating the reading of novels in addition to the reading of the Holt textbook. The reading of Grapes of Wrath, The Jungle, et cetera. Those reading will tap into the historical aspect of foods cooked by migrants. One concern that I have is that I keep the momentum going for the rest of the school year.


I am really excited about the project Darci came up with. My daughter and I volunteered with San Diego Bay Keeper and clean water is something I'm interested in. Although I won't be responsible for most of the experimentation, it's a topic I feel I can discuss with my students that I have some knowledge about. When the students analyze the data in my class, I can incorporate my passion for the subject as well as looking at the data they collect. The only thing I'm still nervous about is whether I'll do the topic justice in my class. I'll have to review using the calculator to input data into a table and then having the calculator draw the line of best fit. I know I have the instructions in my classroom so it's just a matter of reviewing it. My main concern is that I may have all of Darci's students or none. I believe this is the main reason interdisciplinary projects have been so difficult to implement at the high school level.

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