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As of today, what aspect of the curriculum project are you most excited about implementing? Explain. And, which aspect is most concerning to you? Explain.


I am excited to work on conducting experiments with my students. I am also eager to teach them how to use excel. But the most interesting part has got to be the technology piece, the actual creation of their movie/psa. It is going to be very interesting and fun for us and the students. How exciting is it going to be to have the students present their work at the "Movie Premire", where all their friends, families, and teachers can view their hard work and creativity!!

At this point I am concerned about the logistics of actually implementing the project - how, with all of the expectations of testing, will we be able to tackle such a lofty goal? I guess that is our challenge. I am also concerned about the limits of our technology. At this point, we have one video camera at our disposal. I am crossing my fingers that we can find some sort of funding to purchace more video equipment.


As I mentioned previously, the science curriculum in middle school is very disjointed. I have been searching for a way to tie the entire curriculum together. In the past I have used interactive notebooks as well as other methods with little sucess. The overall goal of this project is to examine climate in respect to the entire curriculum. Using this theme I hope to finally be able to tie the whole curriculum togeher. EXCITING! My concern is technology. It just always seems more complicated than you think. For instance, just in making our movie for Clive we had to download two different programs, convert an audio file, layer narration, etc. These types of problems are very difficult to deal with when you have multiple groups working on multiple projects.


I'm MOST EXCITED about our Friday's video presentation. Our video is engaging, creative, and information--perfect for middle school students! I'm also planning to incorporate climate/geography videos into my class, and have students write summaries of the short videos. I'm excited to implement this because it supports Science and English without much interruption to my curriculum. I'm nervous about the cumulative project--the sci-fi movie. We still have a lot of planning to do for this project, and it is entirely dependent on what happens in Math and Science throughout the year.


As of today, I am most excited about incorporating the theme of Oceanography into my Physical Science curriculum. Having taught the same curriculum for three years, I feel that I am in need of something new to "spice up" my teaching days. Oceanography will be a great opportunity for me to learn something new to incorporate into curriculum and keep me excited about Physical Science. I also think this is going to help my students connect Physical Science to "real" life and the implications it has for their community and their own lives.

After spending all afternoon working through technology issues with audio and video files in moviemaker with only about a minute of video to show for it, I am most concerned about incorporating this technology with students. I am afraid it is going to take too much time out of class and may present huge frustrations for all involved.


I am excited that our project has a focus now. We have identified an over-arching question which is interesting and broad enough to allow for some flexibility for the students. There are a few ways we can in geometry, which is nice. We can talk about some probability and statistics, some ratio and rates, angles/area/volume of viruses, and maybe a little more content.

The part that worries me is that the volume and surface area unit in my class comes near the end of second semester. it is the second to last unit in the class. there is a possibility to move this to the end of the first semester, but i am not sure if this is a good fit. It would not be problematic in the geometry curriculum to move this, but it would be problematic for the CAHSEE curriculum and the material i need to cover before march.

I am encouraged, and i think we are going to have a good project. now, i am off to google the math of viruses so i can see what resources are already out there (why reinvent the wheel, right?).


Of the vast number of ideas we have about our project, I am most excited about teaching my kids about how to decipher food labels. It will be truly fascinating for me to see my students’ jaws drop as they discover the chemicals in the food they have been eating and the amount of calories in them. I intend to take advantage of their eagerness to learn, by having them perform numerous lab activities where they can see the direct link between food and science (i.e. Which has the highest energy content hot cheetos or takis chips? Saturated vs Unsaturated—which has the strongest chemical bonds?). Because our project is one that is very broad and can be taken in many different directions, I am concerned that we will try to do too many things at once. Ultimately we want quality and rigor versus quantity. The best we can do is have a list of projects for students, and then have them drive the project where they want it to go.


As of today, what aspect of the curriculum project are you most excited about implementing? Explain.

I am the most excited about the lessons we are creating for the students and the fact that they are so easily imbedded in my US History course. They definitely match the standards.

I am excited about the possible projects we will have the students create in conjunction with other subjects.

I am excited about collaboration.

I am excited about the self-learning opportunities - Today; I worked with a forensics scientist!

And, which aspect is most concerning to you? Explain.

I am the most concerned about the technology - I am a subject matter teacher and the technology will have to be implemented after school. I worry about expectations versus possible deliverables!


What I am most excited about is simply doing the project. This is new and very different for me. I'm excited to see what I can bring to the table and how it will all pan out. What most concerns me about this project are the same things that I'm excited about - being that this is all completely new to me and extremely different than anything I've every attempted or even participated in, there are lots of things that could turn out quite differently than what I am hoping for.


As of today, what aspect of the curriculum project are you most excited about implementing? Explain. And, which aspect is most concerning to you? Explain.

As of today I'm most excited about the community interaction of our project. We plan on using GPS to help show people how quicklly they can find a child using a GPS locator. This project also has great tie ins for social science and journalism. The opinion pieces that my students will be able to write will be interesting and also the debates discusses the ethical issues of personal GPS locators.

The one aspect that is concerning me is timing. I have a feeling that my end of the project will happen around the most stressful time for yearbook and newspaper; March and April.