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Please post your group's answer to the following question: How do you see education at your school site and in the United States changing as a result of the technology explosion and the proposed emphasis on science by President Obama? Think about the local and global implications. Include specifics in your answer.

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Access to funding is crucial. Students need access to the hardware and software in order to experience technology. Simply presenting it or showing it as a teacher demonstration is not enough. Right now, having the funding and the ability to update our technology on a regular basis is a huge challenge. It's hard to justify why we need new computers, new cameras, etc when the ones we have right now work (though they are not very up-to-date).

Our Science Innovation Academy is a step in the right direction, and our school & administration is supportive of the program. We have two core groups of teachers who are dedicated to collaboration across disciplines, including technology. Hopefully, though, we can influence other teachers to embrace and use technology on a regular basis.

Green technology jobs are part of the Obama administration's focus, yet many of these jobs are still developing. Our students will be part of the workforce needed to fill these green jobs. Technology is changing at a rapid pace, and schools have an obligation to prepare our students as much as possible to meet these new high tech career demands.


Education at our school site supports increasing technology access via:

creating a wireless community, each student will have a flashdrive and electronic portfolio, digital access textbooks, cheap $100 computers for each student(up from 180 for the entire school), My, using Cyberbridge resources to explore science career options.

We expect the US to support equity in technological access in education and the home, support the demand for home-grown scientists(engineers, researchers) through programs to increase science education, and more funding will be available due to the renewed emphasis on science and technology--support science careers from K-university especially for historicaly less-represented groups(women, minorities).

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We don't see much change occurring yet. We are skeptical about the advances in technologically as it applies to student use--we still need more computers that are fully operational, where students can create and save work. We need the latest programs for students to create all types of multimedia presentations. We need updated Science classrooms; but that money is no longer available (even though it was promised). We need more up-to-date professional development on current technologies and their uses.

Globally, the world is passing us by.


We see a greater emphasis in science, math and technology and the interrelationship between them with a particular emphasis in project based learning. Schools will be able to utilize grant funding to implement innovative instruction such as Cyberbridge. Through interdisciplinary team collaboration, learning will become relevant and contextualized. Castle Park's Science Innovation Academy will, hopefully, become a model. Part of the Bond funding for upgrading schools will be used to create a building dedicated to the SIA. Schools from low income areas, such as ours, will need grant money to help close the gap between the "haves" and "have nots" created by a growing disparity in society. This will help future economically at-risk generations become more competitive in a global economy.


As the 21st Century approached several events dramatically changed the environment of business, and education in the US, and elsewhere in the world: In June of 1997, Allen Greenspan, then Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board testified in the Congress, that the US economy has gone through a fundamental change. Mr. Greenspan said, a synergy among technologies, which may occur ''once or twice in a century," has brought unprecedented added value to the products of many companies, and have reduced the cost of production and distribution of goods and services. One aspect of this economic transformation was the emergence of knowledge as the single most important "commodity" in the prosperity of nations. Such a far-reaching transformation, according to Alvin Toffler (1980), has happened only once before in human history, when the world economy transformed from an agricultural-based system into an industrial one. Since the turn of the century the world economy is becoming more reliant on knowledge bases for increased productivity.

What is really going to make a person valuable in the future is their ability to retrieve information and the ability to assimilate it into something useful. They will need to think on a global scale, across curriculums, and will creative application. Though other countries have people that are "smarter" America still has the culture that puts us on the cutting edge of creativity. We need to set them apart from the rest of the world. Science and technology are the cutting edge of creativity. They are essential to competing on a global scale. Like Friedman says, "the world is flat."


Lack of money hinders how much technology is available to students.

Too much talk, no money funneled into science and technology.

Irony of money spent on defense vs. money spent on education.

School Site: Lack of technical support and teacher knowledge of technology, we need action not just talk. Old computers need to be updated.

Hope: walk the talk


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