Bicycles in Shanghai
Mar 3, 2010

A typical morning commute in Shanghai, China

Structural Bioinformatics Pharm 201 UCSD Lecture 17
Dec 6, 2009

This is lecture 17 from a graduate student class in structural bioinformatics offered at UCSD see...

A New Biology for the 21st Century
Oct 29, 2009

Following the release of a National Academies report on the future of biological science, three of the study’s...

Sustainabilty Science and Greening the University of California San Diego
Jun 2, 2008

Planning for a greener campus at the University of California, San Diego.

Greening of UCSD
Jun 2, 2008

Mentored by John Dillot students Everlynne Lleva, Elyse Sanchez, Rahul Sharma, present "Greening of UCSD" for the...

Using multimedia to present your work online
Jun 2, 2008

Harrison Watts speaks to the USP 187: Senior Sequence Research Project Presenters about the use of multimedia to...

Welcome to the New Normal
Apr 4, 2008

Scripps Oceanography research suggests that climate change will require a complete rethinking of water delivery...

The Republican War on Science
Apr 3, 2008

Renowned science scholar Naomi Oreskes hosts Chris Mooney, author of the bestselling book "The Republican War on...