Farmers' Markets as Community-Based Health Interventions
Mar 8, 2011

This research project set out to determine whether a farmers' market can serve as an effective intervention in the...

Creating Cycling Campuses: Following the European Example
Mar 8, 2011

This purpose of this study is to evaluate how many cities in Northern European have adopted innovative tactics to...

Does Physical Design Actually Promote Pedestrianism?
Mar 8, 2011

Pedestrian friendly design features of the built environment are the denominator to challenging the car culture in...

Localizing agricultural distribution networks in San Diego County
Mar 8, 2011

Contemporary farming techniques come with considerable external social costs to the environment, food security,...

Sustainable Design Methods and Practices for Affordable Housing
Mar 8, 2011

A comparative study of existing housing conditions in Chula Vista and approaches for a new standard of living in San...

Compact Growth - Model for Future Urban Development
Mar 8, 2011

Compact growth addresses the problems of sprawl and congestion and enhances the overall quality of life socially and...

Empowering the Mixtec in Linda Vista
Mar 8, 2011

Immigration according to Fulton and Shigley (2005) is one of the three main trends that is facing California’s...

From Yesterday’s Novice Pre-Service Teachers to Tomorrow’s Educators
Mar 8, 2011

Topic: Teacher Preparation Education A Case Study of UCSD’s Masters in Education and Teaching Credential Program

Reaching New Heights
Mar 8, 2011

City Heights is an important case study into the extent of community involvement in how services such as safety are...

The Pros and Cons of Rainwater Catchment in San Diego
Mar 8, 2011

Currently, the Southern California Metropolitan Water District and San Diego Water Authority provide rebates for...