Militarization of Education
Mar 14, 2011

Spatial analysis of GIS maps to show correlations between schools and military recruitment in low-income areas of San...

What's For Dinner? Assessing Food Sources in the Diamond District of...
Mar 12, 2011

Food justice in Southeast San Diego. Demographics, household income, asset maps of food sources and survey results...

Offshore Wind Farms in San Diego
Mar 10, 2011

My Senior Research topic is on the feasibility of offshore wind farms in San Diego. This video describes my findings.

Green Material Informatino Sources for Affordable Housing
Mar 10, 2011

My Senior Research Project

Equity in Transportation Planning: Collaboration Organizing
Mar 10, 2011

Senior Research Project on Equity in Transportation Planning: Collaboration Organizing Strategies

Public Health in Age of Globalization: Case Study Senegal
Mar 10, 2011

Understanding the political, cultural, and social implications necessary to develop efficient public health...

Carlsbad Desalination: Understanding public and political perceptions in...
Mar 10, 2011

After ten years of planning, the Carlsbad Desalination project began its construction in 2009 in an effort to...

Where Does Affordable Housing Money Come From? Understanding the flow of...
Mar 10, 2011

With inflation outpacing wage increases along with the economic downturn in recent years, the need and demand for...

Farm to School, San Diego: Promising programs with unequivocal barriers
Mar 10, 2011

Farm to School Programs are positively linked to great environmental, and public health benefits and as such have...

Community Gardens: Building community through gardening
Mar 10, 2011

Do community gardens attract greater community participation and involvement?