Thinking Ahead: Creating Efficient Emergency Response in San Diego
Mar 6, 2014

The San Diego Fire Department (SDFD) receives a large amount of criticism due to inefficient response times. This is...

The Advancement of Collecting Ocean Data
Mar 6, 2014

A look into the advancement process of collection ocean data at SIO's Coastal Data Information Program

Inhibitor of Good Planning? The Influence of CEQA Litigation on the San...
Mar 6, 2014

Outlines a research strategy to examine the positive impact of CEQA litigation by San Diego region advocacy groups in...

Education for Sustainability
Mar 6, 2014

This research examines the success of China’s and Great Britain’s programs implementing education for...

Sustainable Development and Design: A Study of San Diego's Move Towards...
Mar 6, 2014

My senior research project on sustainable development and design for UCSD's Urban Studies and Planning program.

Greenhouse gas emission reduction strategies - Transportation planning in San...
Mar 5, 2014

California has been one of the largest contributors to greenhouse gas emission in the United States; and the majority...

Viable Redevelopment for Brownfields: Community Gardens
Mar 5, 2014

Brownfields are increasing throughout communities and solutions need to be addressed. It is becoming more vital for...

Providing Affordable Housing The San Diego Approach
Mar 4, 2014

How San Diego's Inclusionary Housing Policy is Affecting the development of Affordable Housing.

An Investment Today, A Sustainable Tomorrow
Mar 4, 2014

Efforts to encourage participants in traffic reduction programs

Examining the School-to-Prison Pipeline
Mar 3, 2014

Building Pathways to Education and Deconstructing Incarceration