International Workshop on Bioinformatics (IWOBI) -- Discussions The International Workshop on Bioinformatics Cuba – Flanders (IWOBI) aims to promote the international cooperation among researchers in Bioinformatics and related areas, as well as to be an appropriate environment for Faculty members, researchers and graduates to update themselves, acquire knowledge and show their projects and results. The Workshop is directed not only to Bioinformatics itself, but also to the closely related Mathematical Biology, Computational Biology and Signal/Image processing applied to Bioinformatics. It's precisely the strong multidisciplinary nature of the conference what makes us hope IWOBI will become one of the mainstream events in the Latin-American area. Re: Amazing People and Great Science in Cuba I learned a lot about Cuban science - they are really talented, especially in maths and computer science. SciVee seemed to be received well but we did discuss the problem of cyberinfrastructure. They are fairly limited (at least for the next year or so) in bandwidth so downloading and uploading pubcasts or videos is not trivial. I wonder if we could have some sort of DVD digest that we could supply on a monthly basis? Feb 21, 2008