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I had a fabulous time at the recent IWOBI meeting. The people were so friendly and the science was really interesting. One week wasn't long enough to absorb everything but it was long enough to make some lifelong friends. I am eagerly awaiting the next workshop, hopefully in 2010.

I hope the other attendees enjoyed the conference as much as I did. Perhaps we can all keep in touch through this community.


Looks like you had a good time Lynn! Did they like SciVee over there? What new stuff did you learn?


I learned a lot about Cuban science - they are really talented, especially in maths and computer science. SciVee seemed to be received well but we did discuss the problem of cyberinfrastructure. They are fairly limited (at least for the next year or so) in bandwidth so downloading and uploading pubcasts or videos is not trivial. I wonder if we could have some sort of DVD digest that we could supply on a monthly basis?