SEAs'08 - Student EcoFilm Awards 2008

The Student EcoFilm Awards (SEAs) is a contest designed to honor outstanding student contributions to ecological science through film. The contest will open in January 30th 2007 and will culminate in a two-hour film festival at the 2008 Ecological Society of America (ESA) annual meeting in Milwaukee. The festival will include presentations of the best student films and a panel of judges will determine the most outstanding films to receive one of three Student EcoFilm Awards. There will also be an additional Student Section Choice Award which will be elected by the members of the ESA Student Section. The recipients of the awards will receive free registration to the 2008 ESA annual meeting. The goal of the festival is to increase student participation within ESA and to promote the awareness and understanding of ecological science within ESA, the scientific community and ultimately the public.

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