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I just wanted to share information about a new feature that you may have recently noticed in the "Browse" section of SciVee. It has been updated to allow viewers to sort through videos more effectively. You can sort videos and pubcasts by target audience and subject area. If you have uploaded a video prior to this feature being added to the website, this means that it is important to identify which target audience and subject areas your videos or pubcasts belong.

I recently sent out an email to a several SciVee members that described these steps, but perhaps it was not as clear as I intended because I have been receiving quite a few emails requesting further details about how to do this. In case you were wondering, I thought I would post steps that were more clearly understandable.

You can now choose which target audiences and subject areas that your videos or pubcasts should be included by taking the following steps:

1) Log on to the SciVee website.

2) Click on "My Account." A listing of your videos and pubcasts will appear under the heading "My Pubcasts and Videos"

3) Click on one of your videos or pubcasts.

4) Click the "Edit" tab and scroll down to the heading "Target audience and subject areas."

5) Check the box(s) for the correct categories then scroll down to click "submit" to save your choices.

Please let me know if you still have questions, I am happy to assist.

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