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Firstly, congratulations on a good idea. This site is great for sharing videos on research and I am sure that with the big interest shown by viewers, scientists will find it worthwhile to put information here.

I am wondering what determines which groups a particular video appears in? Is it the categories put on it when loaded? Does it require to actually be selected within that group (there is a function for members of the group to do that)? Or is there some additional process involving the group admins?

Also, with regard to joining groups, if I go to it shows my list of groups (that I have asked to join), but when I go into them individually, some show me as a member and others as not. Is there some process for admin acceptance into groups? This is not clear to me, perhaps a "Membership pending" or something like that would help if that is the case. I have reclicked the join to no effect - and probably annoyed some admins as a result if they get a message each time. :-)

Lastly, when someone adds a new group, how do other people find out about it? For example I just joined and have created a cycles group and I don't suppose existing members will know this. Is there any recommended action after starting a group to inform others?




Good questions.

Once a pubcast or video is published, a community's manager or administrator may add the content to their community. Pubcasts are added from the General tab, and videos from the Communities tab of the content page. One could send a private message to a manager or administrator to request that they add content to their community.

To confirm your membership in a larger SciVee community, one may need to click the gray, 'view all' link on the right of the Members heading bar, and then possibly one of the extra page links. On the communities home page there is also a blue, 'Join this community' link centered below the community description. This link changes to 'Leave this community' once one is a member.

Once a new community is formed or a pubcast or video is published, it seems to be added to the marquee of featured communities or recent pubcasts, videos, discussions, or blogs on the SciVee home page. One may also use a feed reader or feed-supporting page, such as iGoogle, to subscribe to the pubcast or videos page. There is a small, square, orange icon next to the heading on the browse page. To add a feed to iGoogle, right click on the icon, copy the shortcut, and then paste it into the 'Add feed or gadget' box on the 'Add stuff' page of iGoogle.

A feed link is also available on a community's home page for content from that community.

It would be great if such feeds were also available for the SciVee Communities, Recent Discussions, Blogs, and Channels lists.

Keep exploring SciVee for new content and features!

--Frederick Grose

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