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I'm going through the process of exporting a screencast from Camtasia Studio to scivee. For future reference (others' and mine), I've jotted two notes below...

- Camtasia allows export to many different formats with many different options. I tried WMV, FLV, AVI, and MOV. I got the best results exporting to MOV, which not surprisingly resulted in the biggest file. Even though I understand that scivee coverts my MOV to FLV, having scivee do that conversion was better than directly exporting FLV from Camtasia.

- The final max video size is 480x360 (which I probably would have known had I read more carefully), which makes screencasts of internet browsers pretty challenging. I found Camtasia's "Zoom-n-Pan" function to be indispensable for converting my screencast into something usable for scivee. (Incidentally, doesn't have the resolution limitation...)