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I posted this in my blog, but wanted to post to this community too:

A very important part of creating a pubcast is properly linking specific sections of the text and figures in your paper to appear highlighted as your video plays. When you link your paper to the video in this way, the value of your pubcast is increased because attention is drawn to the scientific data included in your publication. In addition, when the video is annotated with data at specific points in the timeline, it not only creates a form of chaptering of the video but the value of the video is increased because of the later possibility of data mining the video content. Although SciVee does not yet use this data in searches, the data you create when connecting specific synchronize points in the video could be used later on to search specific parts of the video.

There is an older tutorial of a screencast that walks you through the whole process of creating a pubcast, but if you want to view a newer tutorial that covers more specifically how to synchronize your publication to your video it is available in the help section.

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