Just got Marc's note about the Thomson link up. Goodoh!

I hoping you might give some consideration to a project I have in mind, primarily to add the "front end" to scivee. Just going through the overview of a postercast.

We're having a discussion over at terena (trans euro. research & edu network association) about 'capturing conferences', both real ones and Video Conferences (VC), and streaming, recording and archiving them.

The problem we all have with this move to a new media paradigm is answering "who is the customer/community". You'll know they tend to be hives of common (disciplinary centric, muilti language) scientific communities. The question is how can we support both their repositories as well as their (real time and asynchronous) communications, and make the hives more inclusive.

To do this we need to be a little more lateral in our global thinking, although scivee provides a good template for the info, if not the comms. Is ther any chance yo might introduce a few forums a la a site like sitepoint. This forum tool doesn't help to support a discussion, which becomes a community archive, and email lists are passe. It would certainly help terena's task force people to get a feel for using social media to grow a few communities.