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Plant Biology 2009

July 18-22, 2009 Hawaii Convention Center, Honolulu, Hawaii

Joint Annual Meetings of the American Society of Plant Biologists and the Phycological Society of America


Six Major Symposia in 2009

ASPB-CSPP Joint Symposium

Crop Functional Genomics

Jeffrey Bennetzen, University of Georgia and Xioaya Chen, Shanghai Institute of Plant Physiology

ASPB-PSA Joint Symposium:

Genomics Approaches for Systematics, Energy Metabolism and Acclimation in Algae

Sabeeha Merchant, UCLA, and Alison Sherwood, University of Hawaii

President’s Symposium

Sarah M. Assmann, Pennsylvania State University

Darwin’s Legacy: Evolution and Plant Biology

Barbara Schaal, Washington University

Illuminating Plant Photomorphogenesis

Richard Vierstra, University of Wisconsin

Plant Natural Products - Chemical Evolution in Time and Space

Robert Last, Michigan State University