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Science, Art and Technology

Scientific communication is transforming through art and technology in a way that broadens audiences and improves the dissemination of information to the public. We watch as science continually unearths new understanding of the world around us infusing human possibilities, while technological innovation persistently enables new correspondence connecting people worldwide through varied mutations of human communication. Art, in turn, incites the imagination, rouses scientific ideas, and investigates our collective humanity. Aesthetic values have long been understood on many levels using technology and scientific understanding. Linearly and modularly, we have studied time, space, light, movement and sound; yet unknown scientific discoveries and technological development are always impending. Artists must continue to collaborate with scientists and engineers stretching their minds together imagining new solutions for sharing knowledge. Already scientists, artists, and engineers cross train in each others fields of study. As new hybrid communicators they are cooperatively merging their talents prodding worldwide knowledge to bridge peoples of vastly different culture and perspective together into universally shared understanding of the physical world.

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Nov 3, 2008 Do science students need artistic abilities? What do you think?
Kenneth R. Jolls stated in Nature Opinion Correspondence the following: "Graphic artists who collaborate with scientists have often been shaped...

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