MICW - Single Cells and Metagenomes: Phil Hugenholtz
Dec 19, 2011

University of Queensland's Phil Hugenholtz on "Comparison of Normalized and Unnormalized Single Cell and Population...

MICW - Single Cells and Metagenomes: Steve Quake
Dec 19, 2011

Stanford University's Steve Quake on "Sequencing Single Cell Microbial Genomes with Microfluidic Amplification Tools"...

MICW - Single Cells and Metagenomes: Tanja Woyke and Ramunas Stepanauskas
Dec 19, 2011

DOE JGI's Tanja Woyke, chair of the Single Cells and Metagenomes session, delivers an introduction, followed by...

MICW - Assembly Quality Evaluation: Mihai Pop
Dec 19, 2011

University of Maryland's Mihai Pop on "Genome Assembly Forensics: Metrics for Assessing Assembly Correctness" at the...

MICW - Metagenome-specific Assembly: Sergey Koren
Dec 19, 2011

University of Maryland's Sergey Koren on "denovo Metagenomic Assembly" at the Metagenomics Informatics Challenges...

MICW - Metagenome Specific Assembly: Yasubumi Sakakibara
Dec 19, 2011

Keio University's Yasumbumi Sakakibara on "MetaVelvet: An Extension of Velvet Assembler to de novo Metagenome...

MICW - Metagenome-specific Assembly: Jared Simpson
Dec 2, 2011

Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute's Jared Simpson on "Memory efficient sequence analysis using compressed data...

MICW - Metagenome-specific Assembly: Patrick Chain
Dec 2, 2011

Patrick Chain of DOE JGI at LANL, Co-Chair of the Metagenome-specific Assembly session, on "Metagenome Assembly at...

MICW - Metagenome-Specific Assembly: Francis Chin
Dec 2, 2011

University of Hong Kong's Francis Chin on "Meta-­‐IDBA: A de novo Assembler for Metagenomic Data" at the...

MICW - Single Cells and Metagenomes: Doug Rusch
Dec 2, 2011

JCVI's Doug Rusch on "Marriage or Civil Unions for Single Cells and Metagenomes" at the Metagenomics Informatics...