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To the videographers here - a question
Since I can see there are a few companies represented here...

What has been your experience working with scientists or researchers when creating videos? Has it been easy to find the message in all the data and information?

Who have you worked for - where have you worked - what kind of videos have you made?

What are some of the best experiences you have had and what have been the not so great?

For me it has to be on the back of a small science education boat filming in the heat of the summer, on rolling four foot waves with the diesel belching out the back - when the wind blew the wrong way I tried to not breathe in...
Re: To the videographers here - a question
Hi Peter. Good topic thread for introductions. My name is Chris Condayan and I work for the American Society for Microbiology. My specialty is in new media, whether audio or video productions. I currently produce, film, and edit the MicrobeWorld Video show/podcast. I have also done some video work for the City of Hyattsville, MD and some volunteer work for the Kristen Brooks Hope Center (1-800-SUICIDE).

The style I choose to produce is Cinema Verite, a style of film making that combines naturalistic techniques with stylized editing and camera work. Since I essentially let the scientists, researchers and subjects speak for themselves, they feel very comfortable because no one is narrating an interpretation of their work. Granted, this style takes a lot of intense editing, but I think the results are great.

By the way I use a Cannon GL2, several Sennheiser mics, and Final Cut Pro to edit.

Nice to meet you.
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