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I am not a biophysicist, but an interdisciplinary cycles researcher. About 12 years ago I had the opportunity to visit the Russian Academy of Sciences Biophysics Laboratories in Pushchino which is headed up by Simon Shnoll. They began many years ago from the experiments of the Italian Piccardi who found some strange behaviour in chemical experiments and proceeded to find similar effects in biological systems and eventually in physics systems. Eventually they have proved that all systems studied and measured do have fluctuations about mean values, and that these fluctuations are not totally random but when made into histograms over a period of time have certain characteristics. Adjacent time periods have more similar histograms than more widely separated times. Separate experiments of a similar nature (e.g. two cultures) have similar histograms at the same time. Even entirely different experiments (e.g. a culture and a radioactivity measurement) have similar histograms at the same time, but different at different times. Even separation by 1000 km does not remove similarities in histograms. Similar histograms reappear after 24 hours, 27 days and 365 days. Also after 23 hours 56 minutes (siderial rotation of the earth). A number of papers have been published in Biophysica.

Here is a paper in English.

"Realization of discrete states during fluctuations in macroscopic processes

S E Shnoll, V A Kolombet, E V Pozharskii , T A Zenchenko, I M Zvereva, A A Konradov

Abstract: It is shown that due to fluctuations, a sequence of discrete values is generated by successive measurement events whatever the type of the process measured. The corresponding histograms have much the same shape at any given time and for processes of a different nature and are very likely to change shape simultaneously for various processes and in widely distant laboratories. For a series of successive histograms, any given one is highly probably similar to its nearest neighbors and occurs repeatedly with a period of 24 hours, 27 days, and about 365 days, thus implying that the phenomenon has a very profound cosmophysical (or cosmogonic) origin."