Birth of a Universe

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Here's one for you! What are your opinions about the formation of the universe. Write even the craziest ideas.

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I'm up for recognizing the variables in our lives (including the existences of other people!). While I agree that knowing such information could prove very valuable for deciding morality and such, it is the rather unfortunate reality that human beings are somewhat wedged into a corner to be bystanders to this thing called life. The mind plays a vital role in constructing each person's reality, an extrinsic existence that is observed at best (and not the physical observation here). If one is to examine reality, not in the environmental sense, but from the informational eye, life ends up as the aggregate of knowledge/perceptions transmitted through the instinct-driven organic structure: the human body.

Basically, as humans aren't equipped to handle true reality, shouldn't the more pressing current events be dealt with? Thus, I spoke.


You say that humans are not equipped to handle true reality.... true but not completely. Humans cannot face true reality at this hour because they are not ready. They are equipped, but they don't know how to use this power. All people who tried to see the real world became mad and the best examples are the scientists. All of them had a short life because of it. The unconscious mind is the one who sees the true reality but he doesn't let the conscious mind (us) get all the information. I suspect that something very important will happen in 2012 and it has something to do with seeing true reality and control it plus other things. Well, lets wait and see.


I don't think the universe had a beginning . the big bang is a big joke . They estimate the age of the universe to be 14 billion years old . This is determined by looking at light that left a star 14 billion years ago .

You can look in the other direction and find light that is 14 billion years old .

The star that caused the light is crawling along at a very slow speed compaired to the light . How long did it take for the star to get to where it caused the light ? If it started as a singularity , it would have taken a lot longer to get to where it caused the light than 14 billion years . The whole concept is based on red shifting which can be explained by other things , like the ether theory .

To have a universe , you really do not need a thing called time . Time is really a "non thing" .

Non things are like cold . Cold is a lack of heat . A vacuum is a lack of pressure so it is pressure that exists , not vacuum .

Time is a measure of motion . To have a universe , you need geometric space . 3 dimensions . You have two possibilities that can occupy the space , something or nothing . The somethings can move . They move when pushed . There are no invisible rubber bands that pull them . All forces are repulsive . Gravity is a push .

In the 14 th century the pope claimed that for every event , there was a prior event , and at some point there had to be an original event . This thinking is flawed . Because of the concept of infinity , there can be no original event because there is no such thing as time . Time is a measurement of motion . It was always right now and stuff just moves .

If we had a time machine and took a trip back to the beginning of time , my question would be , " What happened before that ? " Obviously like counting numbers there is no end . Likewise , if we were to travel to the edge of the universe as the big bang claims exists , my question would be , "What lies beyond ." Space has to be infinite . Time can have no beginning . Time would be more correctly referred to as a position , meaning the temporary position of all the moving objects .

The ether theory was a step in the right direction to try and explain things . Problem was , they didn't get the right model of the ether theory . They actually got a few things backwards , like which way light travels . To comprehend this , you will have to take a fresh look at how things work .

We are taught that light leaves the source and travels at high speed through endless distance until it is absorbed by something , ever expanding , ever weakening with distance . If light were a particle or a ray , at some point it would be like spokes in a wheel . If the distance is great , you should be able to get between the spokes and not see the object . This doesn't happen . Big arguments concern the nature of light , whether it is a particle or a wave . I think it has to be a wave .

The speed of light is enormous . If we accelerate at the force of gravity for a bit less than 1 year , we will reach the speed of light . Material moving that fast is not observed in the visible universe . Cosmic rays move at about 1/10th light speed .

Energy and gravity have no good explanations . They are in there with magic . These 2 things need a medium like ether to explain them . The explanation I have developed goes like this .

Light doesn't travel from the source to your eye . Light is actually a measurement of the pressure of a very thin gas called ether . The gas can have different pressures in all directions simultainiously because of almost total lack of turbulence . All materials absorb the ether . The rate of absorbsion determines the color . The gas can flow through objects . The flow will drag objects with it . The flow is straight in from space to all stars and objects . The sun absorbs the ether gas which drags objects toward it . The gas becomes material when it enters the sun . That is how the sun can keep going for the billions of years .

When you stoke a stove , the stove will burn out , unless you add fuel . What is stoking the sun ? To answer this you ask the question , " what is going into the sun in quantity that is relative to what is coming out of the sun ?"

The answer is gravity . Gravity goes into the sun . What is gravity ? What comes out of the sun ? How does light work ?

To continue , we need answers to these questions .

Gravity . Gravity is caused by the drag of the flow of ether into the object . If we were to install a vacuum tube in a large room and turn on the pump , detectors at increasing distance from the tube would register pressure drops at intervals propagating away from the tube . The drop in pressure would register on the first detector . then the second and them the third and so on as far as you wanted to measure it . The pressure drops would decrease with the square of the distance .

Air is the medium in the room . If we were to replace the air with the ether gas , there would be no turbulence and it would be possible to measure pressure drops from any number of sources at the same time .

What comes out of the sun ? Probably just bits of material that managed escape velocity . These are the cosmic rays . Light doesn't come out of the sun and neither does heat . The ether flow into the sun creates a drop in the pressure of the gas . When we look at the sun , we actually measure this pressure with our eye . A distant star dropped the pressure and we look in that direction and measure the pressure drop . The light travels as a wave .

What about the double slit experiment ? The banding can be explained by having ether leave the background toward the double slits as it follows the pressure drop toward the source . The interference pattern develops as the material naturally forms traffic patterns as it moves toward the double slits . No photons required . Nothing traveling at high speed . A more sensible explanation .

With this concept , nothing has to move at light speed except the wave . There is no speed limit anymore .

Gravity likely has a terminal velocity , but it is a lot higher than the light . Gravity gets to the earth from the sun almost instantly compaired to the light . The two do not have the same speed of propagation .

If we were to travel near a black hole , the gravity would become greater than that on earth some light years from the hole . After falling into the hole for one year , we would be traveling faster than light unless the effect is caused by a flow . If you fall into a river , you will accelerate until your speed is the same as the river . This is terminal velocity .

If we drilled a hole all the way through the earth , and jumped in and traveled to the center of the earth and stopped , how much would we weigh ? Likely we would be weightless . This sheds a new light on the concept of the pressure at the center of a large object . The world might not be hollow , but the internal pressures might not be what we think .

If you light a flame , it will draw an object to it . This indicates that something is flowing into the flame and dragging the material along with it . We are taught that heat is released by the combustion and energy locked up in the fuel is released and travels to us as heat and light . I think there is no energy in the fuel . The combustion draws ether to the reaction zone and we feel the ether flow as heat . Ballistics tell the direction of the flow . If you shoot a hole in a piece of wood . a small hole is where the bullet enters and the exit side is ripped to shreds . This says the disturbance will be on the exit side of the flow . When you hold the hand to the flame , the ether flows through your hand on its way to the combustion . It doesn't disturb the entry side . The exit side has its energy level increased . If you want to discuss this ,my email is, ,later , David Wells