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Description: This community is for researchers interested in primary-source studies of original authentic works of medieval medical scholars who lived and practiced during the Islamic era between the 9th and 14th centuries. The aim is to fill an obvious gap in the available literature related to that epoch between Greco-Roman time and European renaissance.

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This primary-source study of 4 medical works of the 13th century Muslim scholar Ibn Al-Nafis confirmed that his Kitab Al-Mujaz Fi Al-Tibb was authored as an independent book meant to be a handbook for medical students and practitioners not as an epitome of Kitab Al-Qanun of Ibn Sina as thought by...

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In the Graeco-Roman era and in the Middle Ages in Europe, S-shaped bronze catheters with one terminal eye were in common use. In the East, the evolution of urethral catheters started with the firm establishment of Moslem supremacy, and by 1013, straight or one-curve catheters made of gold,...

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This paper evaluates the progress of anatomy and dissection during the Middle Ages both in Europe and in the Muslim World. For that purpose, the functional anatomy of the ureterovesical junction and the mechanism of micturition were studied both in the works of Galen (130-200 AD) and in the works...