- The intention is to create a video that increase awareness of how to obtain emergency contraception, specifically from the teenage audiences. The video starts with a teenager experiencing a contraception malfunction. The teenager proceeds to ask people around on advice, disproves a number of pregnancy prevention myths, then follows the advice of a pharmacist family member to obtain emergency contraception. The video follows the actress through the consultation, while the pharmacist providing the consult also educates a fellow pharmacist on how to obtain the Emergency Contraception certificate.

Global commentary

- Overall, its pretty effective. By presenting it in a more entertaining light, it becomes more relatable to the target audience, on a topic that is controversial and in general quite ambiguous.

- They not only present problem, and present a solution as well.

- It’s a pretty detailed story board with adequate statistics.

Particular features of speech, incorrect information

- We like that they’re debunking the myths for pregnancy prevention.

- Focus on providing a detailed patient counseling “What it is, How to take it, What to expect.”

- Perhaps show a final ending scene involving some sort of closure, patient is happy, shakes hand with pharmacist etc… definitely end the video with patient and pharmacist.

Minor points, spelling errors

- The pharmacist education may be detracting from the point, or perhaps they can minimize it to avoid derailing from the main point and main audience.

-Jeff, Rebecca, Naina