Sleep - Not Just for the Weak -- Discussions Sleep - Not Just for the Weak Sleep - Not Just for the Weak Sleep - Not Just for the Weak Re: Bourne - Critique Thank you Dr. Bourne. The navigation was made using different layers within the MS Powerpoint. May 24, 2011 critique Storyboard Critique: Sleep – Not Just for the Weak (Group 11) Critiqued by Group 10 (Jennie Yanyan Ma, Katie Moy, Yasuno Sato) Overall Value: Good choice of topic: affects a large portion of population. Many people with sleep problems or sleep-related disorders Major Points: References Where to go for more information Stress talking to a professional Significance of the topic: how many people affected? Tailor to target audience: who’s your audience? (college educated or 8th grade level?) modify complexity of background info (how much detail is appropriate?) Minor Points: Wordy in many slides: hard to read & loses audience interest split slides (more slides w/ less info per slide) Like the bar at bottom: easy to navigate Modify background: a bit distracting or hard to read Catchy title! ;) Apr 25, 2011 Slide/Storyboard Slides things! Understatement of our real video, of course. ;P Apr 22, 2011