The Future of Universal Drug Information -- Discussions he Future of Universal Drug Information he Future of Universal Drug Information he Future of Universal Drug Information bourne - critique From your slides I got a mixed message of the value of human contact vs electronic means and that not all electronics means were equal and you are proposing a universal solution. Catch me in class Friday to discuss. May 10, 2011 The Future of Universal Drug Information SLIDES SLIDE SET May 6, 2011 Critique from Christine, Debbie, and Megan Critique for “”The Future of Universal Drug Information” Nick Vu, Nikki Pham, Chau Sa Nguyen, Cindy Nguyen The review should consist of: 1. Overall value of the presentation to the intended audience The presentation was easy to understand, very straightforward, useful and interesting to the audience. There were lots of pictures to keep the audience’s attention, and the powerpoint presentation was well done. The organization of the focus, key points, and goals of the presentation was well done. 2. Major points that should be addressed in the final PowerPoint presentation. The intended audience/focus group of your presentation should be mentioned in the beginning. In this way, the audience can view and listen to your presentation through the eyes and ears of your intended audience. Mention whether or not those applications are free and how you can access the applications/search for them. Can people find information on how to access these websites and the process of how to use them online? Where can they download these applications? As the professor mentioned in class, not too many health professionals are “tech-savvy” so it will be better to proved more information on how to find/use these applications. 3. Minor points to be addressed Talk more about what the applications can provide and what capabilities each application has. Basically, emphasize more on the actual applications and what they can do and what they can provide for health professionals or patients (or your intended audience). Perhaps look in depth at one of the examples, like Epocrates. Provide Pros and Cons for each (briefly) and state why someone might pick one over another. Apr 25, 2011