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Presentation covers background of what supplements are, adulteration, regulation, requirements, and efficacy.

Major Points

-Use for a limited time

-Be aware of DDIs

-Look at full list of ingredients (avoid allergies)

-Tell health care provider if taking any supplements

-Don't take ginger or ginko before surgery

Big Picture-Does it get the message across?


-Presentation gives a general overview of what dietary supplements are, good background information.

-Aesthetically pleasing, captures audience attention.


-Title is a question, "Do You Need to Supplement" not sure if they want to answer the question for us, or are they just giving us information to make our own decision on supplements? Either add analysis of whether supplements are recommended for everyone or certain people or no one; or change title to more accurately reflect purpose of project. The title makes us think the purpose is to guide the viewer in one direction.

-Also, make clear which audience you are targeting. What will video look like?

Conclusion: Information is all here, just need to focus it more based on title. :)

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