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Pharmacy Informatics Video Project: Slide Presentation Review

Reviewers: Meghan Aslanian, Andrea Bechtold, Kellie Kocher

Review of: “I’m Flashing: The story of Menopause”

Project Team: David Chang, Wei Tai, Christina Yang

This group selected menopause as their topic. Their goal is to educate their audience on the causes, diagnoses, and treatment options of menopause. They outlined the symptoms, risks, and referral points along with OTC treatments available. The group also touched upon pharmacological treatment (hormone therapy) and what considerations must be made before a patient can be eligible for HT. The topic is highly clinically relevant and impacts a large patient population. This information is paramount for healthcare professionals both in the field and entering it due to the increasing numbers of citizens entering menopause. Overall, the presentation has great potential for education of the chosen target audience, however, the following points should be considered.

Major Points:

• Thoroughly addressed the topic, however it may strengthen the presentation to narrow the scope of the topic Possibly focus solely on treatment; products, risk, non-pharm, when to refer information (overall information seems pretty broad- may want to narrow it down a bit)

• Clarify audience- sometimes it sounds like you are speaking to the patient, but mostly it seems like pharmacological information for a health care provider/pharmacist

• Rephrase “Prevention of”- menopause cannot be prevented, preventing conditions secondary to menopause

• Great to mention support options for women suffering with menopause, may want to integrate/explain it more - feels like it doesn’t quite fit

Minor points:

• Move “complications of menopause” section to after the symptoms

• Mention OTC testing products and their efficacy

• Consider sorting Complementary and Alternative Medications (CAM) by popularity/most likely to come across- and mention MAJOR DDIs for CAM

• Possibly arrange CAM in table to condense information and make it more user friendly- could print out and carry with

• Possibly change title of “CHANGE YOUR LIFE” slide to “Non-pharmacological Treatments”

• Make sure formatting is consistent (bullets are uniform, no overlap of text onto the borders)

• May want to include some statistics: baby boomers are coming into menopause, etc

• Slide 3 - add missing parenthesis …for a year)

• Mention OTC product Estroven and the presence/risk of other combination products available

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