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Critique for “How are YOU inhaling?” presentation

Overall, this is a good tool for patients and healthcare professionals to know the difference in usage between MDI’s and dry powder inhalers. The language is in lay terms and easy to understand. Steps are also easy to follow. Summary slides in between each section are a good tool for patients to get the overall picture. Including common questions that patients may have is a good way to cover some of the common misconceptions/mistakes people have while using inhalers


- Should provide sequential step-wise diagrams that illustrate the usage of

inhalers. Sometimes patients may not want to read all these words and would rather just see pictures on how to use an inhaler.

- Include proper storage of medications and how it can affect the dosage.

- Include consequences of not using as directed. Sometimes patients may not feel the need to use medication for minor symptoms. Discuss the importance of compliance

- Include the difference between MDI’s and dry powder inhalers. Why is one used over the other?


- Too much reading for each slide. Perhaps try shortening the sentences or including pictures.

- Discuss risks associated with overdosing and what is considered overdosing.

- Discuss how often they should use inhaler for MDI’s – patient’s should be informed the difference between MDI’s and dry powder inhalers.

- Mention that there are other dry powder inhalers marketed, not just Advair, so that patients will know that their inhaler is considered a DPI.

- Talk about methods of how a patient can track their usage until the next refill.

Kha Nguyen, Andrea Chan, Jennifer Hao