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Critique for “Get Wasted: The Lives of Drugs that Go Undertaken” Presentation

Review by Greg Estep, Tiffany Lew, and Michelle Lew


Their take-home message is that the community needs to dispose of their expired or unused medications safely and correctly. Consequences of incorrect disposal include environmental impacts, such as water contamination, and drug abuse/accidental ingestion. They explained that the correct ways to dispose of medication include mixing with other ingredients such as kitty litter, coffee grounds, and/or oil. They also discussed taking the medications back to the pharmacy where a “Take Back” program is available.

Suggestions for Improvement:

-Nice people and know what they are talking about :D

-Catchy title, good colors and is visually appealing

-Try find a way to make this concern more personal to the audience

-the message would be more appealing to the audience if they were provided with real consequences, and not just statistics

-try specific examples or studies of aquatic animals that are harmed by these drugs.

-On slide 4, specify the “Thanks America” statistic and what/where/how many people the statistic refers to and who is the old lady?

-On slide 6, quantify the 80% to which drugs were thrown away by being directly disposed in the toilet in comparison to being metabolized and excreted through the body.

-Slide 8: Try use an anecdotal story as opposed to just statistics to show how the consequence affects people

-Slide 10: useful but try include a reference to where people can find where these disposal programs actually exist

-include statistics and a story about an existing disposal program

-Slide 12: include more statistics on the Medicine take-back program is

-how many people actually use this program?

-Slide 14 is confusing. It states that you can flush very toxic drugs in the toilet but that seems contradictory to the rest of your presentation.

-Say that the solution starts with the pharmacist being educated on how to educate the public on how to dispose the drugs

-I feel this is important because in my work experience, my pharmacists always referred our patients to contact their local garbage disposal company when patients asked – Mlew

-Great pictures and cohesiveness

-Good stringing together of all the ideas