Medication Container Safety storyboard, enjoy!

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Big picture: The overall powerpoint flows very nicely, and there are many examples that the audience can relate to. It is very clear to see the examples of errors in medication safety. Possible solutions were clearly shown and explained. Powerpoint slides are very visually appealing, but more pictures/visuals can be added to several of the slides. The second half of the powerpoint is pretty text-heavy, and can be broken up into more slides.

Major Points to be addressed:

1. Break up text in the second half of the powerpoint slides and integrate more pictures

2. How to prevent teenagers from taking other family members' pills (i.e pharm parties)? (is this not safety?)

3. Possible other solutions (that may not be out yet) or discuss pros and cons of some solutions, such as the elderly not being able to open child proof caps, but they have their grandchildren at their house.

4. Color coded rings- will there be confusion if family members forget what color they were?

5. When will the new labeling standards be implemented? (We know that Target is doing the flat surface, anyone else?)


1. For labeling, can compare and contrast the flat surface vs. the typical round bottle.

2. Slide 13 about labeling standards- give example of when text would run vertically vs. horizontally

3. Will the rap performance target everyone? (i.e elderly?)