Big picture- Good topic. Lecture is imbued with fascinating and imaginative illustrations that complement the material accordingly. It is extensive, flows naturally and makes sense.

Disclaimer: Since your presentation is mostly pictures, it's difficult to appropriately critique your presentation's information. We could re-critique it after the video :/.

Your title is grammatically incorrect. Also, you could make the font larger for the pie charts in Slide 4 and 5. Slide 11 has partly contradicting undertones; in big letters you have EAT FRESH, then in small print ‘but not these’ with large pictures of unhealthy beverages. Your titles are catchy, though grammatically incorrect. We also like how you expanded your population by encompassing multiple eating lifestyles (vegan, vegetarian, dinosaur). We don’t know how important this is to you, but for what it’s worth, it could be a good idea to include roughly the amount of food required to satisfy DRI’s for vitamins/minerals. It might also behoove your presentation to include the importance of getting the correct amount of vitamins/minerals, both under- and over-dosing, as pertinent for aging (i.e. as one is getting older, why do they need more vit/mins?). Just examples are necessary, because specific numbers are lost on old people.

Overall your presentation is off to a great start and we look forward to seeing what the final product. Good luck! We know it will be awesome!!

By Jenn Cao <3

Edited by Mark Aparicio

Sarcastic commentary by Khadija Amin.

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