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Green Material Informatino Sources for Affordable Housing
Mar 10, 2011

My Senior Research Project

Equity in Transportation Planning: Collaboration Organizing
Mar 10, 2011

Senior Research Project on Equity in Transportation Planning: Collaboration Organizing Strategies

Where Does Affordable Housing Money Come From? Understanding the flow of...
Mar 10, 2011

With inflation outpacing wage increases along with the economic downturn in recent years, the need and demand for...

Wal-Mart's Impact on the Community Project
Mar 9, 2011

The purpose of this study was to examine how big box retail stores, Wal-Mart in particular, affected the surrounding...

Public Space within a Dense Urban Center: A study of public spaces within the...
Mar 9, 2011

This study focuses on the development of public spaces within the city of San Francisco. Current research suggests...

Evaluating the Potential of a HOT BRT Synergistic Model for Low-Mid Density...
Mar 9, 2011

UC San Diego senior research project on regional transportation systems and alternatives.

Mar 9, 2011

architecteruarl gaps sorting out diffeences

Truths and Fallacies Surrounding the Mortgage Interest Deduction: A Case...
Mar 9, 2011

The mortgage interest deduction (MID) represents the federal government’s largest housing subsidy. The MID is...

Case STudy of Reuse Warehouses and their impact on the environment and community
Mar 9, 2011

This video briefly describes the context of the larger senior sequence project. Looking at two reuse warehouses and...

Evaluating BRT and LRT in the San Diego’s Mid-Coast Corridor Region
Mar 9, 2011

The purpose of this research is to examine if the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system is a better alternative form of...