Today much remains to be done to attain an integrated approach to managing water and watershed resources. The lack of communication and coordination among research, community and government entities is problematic. We have much to learn about natural processes at the watershed level and how human activities might affect these. The term watershed refers to the land surface that drains water and other materials to a common outlet The concept of Integrated Watershed Management refers to a systems-based, coordinated, multidisciplinary, adaptive and iterative process that takes into account available natural resources (e.g., water, habitats and biodiversity, etc) and identifies the needs and priorities of the stakeholders within a watershed (including ecosystems) with the goal of meeting human needs while protecting the integrity of natural systems (1). Sources: (1) Heathcote I. W. 1998. Integrated Watershed Management: Principles and Practice. 1st ed. New York: John Wiley and Sons, Inc.

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