Food's videos (8)

What's For Dinner? Assessing Food Sources in the Diamond District of...
Mar 12, 2011

Food justice in Southeast San Diego. Demographics, household income, asset maps of food sources and survey results...

Farm to School, San Diego: Promising programs with unequivocal barriers
Mar 10, 2011

Farm to School Programs are positively linked to great environmental, and public health benefits and as such have...

Community Gardens: Building community through gardening
Mar 10, 2011

Do community gardens attract greater community participation and involvement?

Sustainability of Community Supported Agriculture in San Diego
Mar 9, 2011

This video highlights some of the main topics of my Senior Research Project regarding the sustainability of CSAs in...

Farmers' Markets as Community-Based Health Interventions
Mar 8, 2011

This research project set out to determine whether a farmers' market can serve as an effective intervention in the...

Localizing agricultural distribution networks in San Diego County
Mar 8, 2011

Contemporary farming techniques come with considerable external social costs to the environment, food security,...

Environmental Impacts and Conservation Practices of Urban Farms
Mar 7, 2011

Community farms are able to provide many positive contributions to society such as providing nutritious foods,...

It’s More Than Just Planting Seeds, Picking Beans, and Pulling Weeds
Mar 5, 2011

Unless radical changes are made to the way the national food system interacts with the land, American agriculture...