Senior Sequence Class of 2010-2011

The capstone requirement for all students majoring in Urban Studies and Planning at UC San Diego is called the Senior Sequence--an integrated (fall-winter) field research methods and service learning requirement. This SciVee Community is designed for students in the Senior Sequence. They will use this space to upload short videos that describe their senior research projects in a nutshell. The Sequence is made up of two classes including USP 186: Senior Sequence Research Proposal in the fall quarter, and USP 187: Senior Sequence Research Project (SRP) in the winter quarter. Each student also completes 100 hours of service learning in an internship placement of their own choosing. Over this six-month journey (September to March), each student learns how to: (1) critically review/evaluate research literature, (2) formulate significant, theoretically-informed research questions of their own, (3) write a research proposal with an original topic and investigative strategy, (4) conduct research individually and as part of student-mentor research teams, (5) analyze, interpret, and share findings in the form of a scholarly thesis, and (6) effectively communicate research results by distilling their thesis projects into large format poster presentations and on-line multimedia vignettes that go on public display during USP’s annual Urban Expo in mid-March. This year the Expo will take place March 10, 2011 ((10:30am-3:30pm) in UCSD's Price Center Ballroom. Students gain an intellectual identity and stride in this process while helping build strong university-community ties.

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