I checked out the site, the project and some of the responses and I think that what they are doing is extraordinary. Students need to get a sense of discovery when learning math. I am actually part of a pilot program CyberBridge (on scivee) and the project is to bring science across the curriculum throughout the entire year. At the end, all of the teachers involved will have students that produce a final product that will be presented at the Science Festival next year as a large schoolwide project.

I am sure that there is something similar we can do with math. Not necessarily an interdisciplinary project but a project joining all math teachers and all class levels. It would be a joy to inspire my students to develop mathematical ideas. I dont know... just a thought.

Do you know if they are doing anything like the PDTR project involvong the US?


I have no idea if there will be a project like that involving all of the US.I think its a good idea to work with all of the math classes on one project.