The mankind has made great progress with Science and Technology. No doubt life has been made easier and more comfortable. But what about the associated evils like : Air pollution, ozone depletion, global warming and climate change? We have seen the worst kind of consumerism. Whether a customer really needs or not, producer has to sell -and a financil bank provides a loan for that whether it can be repaid or not, and in turn we end up with a whole chain of totally non-productive or most of the time counter-productive activities. In old times in India, I remember when we went for shopping we used to take a hand made cotton cloth bag. This bag was reused again and again for years. It was washed every week end. There were no plastic bags. There was no disposal problem - no garbage management needed for any waste plastic bags. Our kitchen waste - fruit peelings / husks etc. was burried in gartden for composting which yielded excellent fruits and vegetables. Right now in cities we have no place for this. Everyday we bring home tons of plasic as packing material. This is just one example I have quoted. There are many.

My questions are:

Are we not trapped in a vicious cycle?

Have we not been spending major chunk of the available precious energy just to run this futile cycle?

Should we not break this cycle at some point?