Year of Education in Separation Science Tutorial Competition: Entrants

Year of Education in Separation Science Read about the Year of Education in Separation Science >>> Video Tutorial Competition - Win an iPad! So far this year we have held webinars, provided free videos...
now it is your turn to share knowledge!
The Year of Education in Separation Science, an initiative run in conjunction by separationsNOW and Chromedia, has launched this competition to facilitate and encourage the creation and sharing of educational material from within our communities of readers. We will judge all tutorials on their scientific content and how effective they are at communicating your message; you will not be penalised for technical limitations in the format of your tutorial. An initial shortlist of 10 tutorials will be created, based upon these criteria. We will then provide as much technical assistance as possible, that you request, in order to help you improve the tutorial! We can, for example, create movies from PowerPoint presentations; record web-cam conversations... and much more! Finally, the Chromedia editorial board will judge the best tutorial from the shortlist... the winner will win an iPad!
Step-by-step guide to the competition 1) Read a step-by-step guide to the competition on >>> 2) To submit a video, use this website, following these instructions...
SciVee video submission instructions 1) Register / login to SciVee >>> - If you are already logged in, please go straight to point 2, to avoid error messages. 2) Join this group page:
   'Year of Education in Separation Science Tutorial Competition: Entrants' >>>
- If you have already joined, please go straight to point 3, to avoid error messages. 3) Upload video >>> - Ensure "unpublished" is checked at this stage. 4) Choose viewing permission settings for your video - Click the 'edit' tab on your video page and select the following publishing option:    - Publish privately to the community
   'Year of Education in Separation Science Tutorial Competition: Judges'    - Please be sure to copy the Judges' group name carefully between the quotation marks.    - Initially, only the judges will be able to view your video.    - You will be contacted within 3 days if your video can be shown in the public gallery.    - You will be contacted at the end of the first round if your video has been short-listed.
5) Send an internal message to the judge & administrator "jamesweeks" >>> - To notify us that you would submit your video; please include:    a) Username    b) Link to video    c) Tutorial title    d) Tutorial abstract    e) If your video can be viewed in a public gallery or just by the judges

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